Cacao Ceremonies

Self-Cacao Ceremony

Personal ceremonies offer the freedom and flexibility to enjoy Ceremonial Grade Cacao from the comfort of your home. Our cacao paste is ready for you to incorporate into your existing self-care rituals. Watch as mindfully sipping cacao brings an energizing and grounding effect to practices of meditation, yoga, dancing, artmaking, and much more. These are just suggested supportive practices that can help you connect with yourself and also build a relationship with cacao. Remember it can be quite hard for most of us to be gentle , kind, and loving to ourselves. It is a process, but with the support of cacao it can be a magnificent plant ally. A plant ally is similar to a close friend and together you will go through many stages of your life. The other great thing about Plant Allies is that, when you learn to connect with them -- when you learn to truly listen to their messages and follow their guidance -- your intuition becomes strong.

When first introducing cacao into your spiritual and bodywork practices, we suggest starting at a lower dose and listening to your body as you increase toward a Ceremonial Dose (3-4 tbsp, 38-50g) for deep inner work. Get more dosage information here. Remember, you are the sage of your own journey, and sacred cacao is a powerful partner on your path of healing and self-love.

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Suggested Self Ceremony Steps

1) Prepare your cup of cacao (See video). Mindfully create your cup by fully being present throughout your preparation. Focus on your breath and find awareness.

2) Create a space/spot to drink your cacao. Ideally inside or outside in a open quiet space.

3) Before drinking get comfortable and take a few moments in gratitude for the cacao, the farmers who have raised it from the earth, and the many peoples who have preserved this plant medicine tradition. 

4) Take 5 to 10 deep, conscious breaths then take your first sip. Taste the powerful cacao. (You can always adjust taste as needed).

5) Drink slowly at your own pace, and feel the warmth of the cacao flowing throughout the whole body, especially to the heart.

6) Be present with all sensations.

7) Take some time to incorporate different holistic modalities that call to you!

For example:

- Intention Cards

- Bodywork

- Spiritual or Creative Practices

- Movement

- Meditation

- Dance/ Music

+ more


We’d love to witness your unique experience using Sage Cacao. Share with us on social media. Instagram: @sagecacao

Cacao Gatherings

The definition of a ceremony is "a unified ritualistic event with a purpose."

Ceremonial Cacao has historically been used in groups to enhance introspection and deepen a sense of connection to one another. We gather in Cacao Circles today for this same purpose—to share in an experience that is simultaneously personal and communal. In a typical ceremony, participants are guided through the consumption of cacao followed by embodiment practices such as yoga, meditation, breathwork, journaling, dancing, artmaking, and more. Cacao Circles are set up to be safe and supportive spaces for the discoveries, sensations and reflections we each encounter through our work with cacao.

Sage Cacao offers Cacao Circles in NYC or Hudson Valley, NY Area. See events.