1:1 Cacao Ceremony with Breathwork

What you will receive:

- One 90 minute Virtual Breathwork Session guided by Chynna Dee 

- One bag of our Peruvian Ceremonial Grade Cacao

An EXPANSIVE 90 minute - experience designed to move energy, get beneath old stories/beliefs, and leave you feeling embodied, clear, and connected.“Breathwork” is an umbrella term for various types of breathing practices. Some of them have different names for slight twists on the same thing. Truth is, it’s all a modernized form of "Pranayama", a practice with a long history of India.

How the session will go:

1) Invocation & Grounding into consumption of ceremonial cacao

2) Learn the Breathwork Technique

The type of Breathwork that will be taught is “Conscious Connected Breathing” or “Circular Breathing” It’s done in-and-out through the mouth. It starts with breathing through the mouth into the diagram, then into the chest, and then exhaling everything through the mouth. This is repeated without pausing at the top or the bottom like a continuous link. It’s done lying down on your back in a comfortable position, while music is playing to help motivate, relax and release anything that’s stuck. I will also put you through a journey with deep guided meditation allowing the benefits of cacao to flow throughout the body. It’s powerful and can be profound.

*To inquire about an in person 1:1 session in the NYC / Westchester area, please message chynna@sagecacao.com*