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My name is Chynna Dee. I am a Holistic Nurse, Yoga Practitioner, Bodyworker, Breathwork Facilitator, Energy worker, & Entrepreneur — who continues to live in a world fascinated by the interconnectedness of the human body, mind, & soul.  Chynna's Website

I have worked alongside conventional medicine for six years as a Pediatric Oncology Nurse. During that time I experienced the stress of being a medical professional. Practicing yoga helped me jumpstart the balance during college & into my career path. So after my second year as a nurse, I decided to share my love of yoga & open my own Yoga Studio in New York. Throughout my life I have used holistic modalities to work on my own health care. I have seen the impact not only on myself, but in support to others who are searching for something "else." I realized there was SO much more than what conventional medicine had to offer. This sparked my interest & journey in learning how both can exist side-by-side. I turned to Holistic Nursing School & in 2021 I left bedside nursing. Little did I know a brand new journey was waiting for me!

My Cacao Journey

During my travels, I came across a frothy drink offered by a friend while doing a card reading. The drink was powerful, grounding, robust & had a palpable feeling that went straight to my heart in a very exciting & gentle way. I asked my friend about these new sensations & was introduced to my first cup of Ceremonial Grade Cacao. That night was filled with laughter, tears & more importantly the willingness to be my true authentic self.

The botanical name “Theobroma Cacao” represents the acquiescence of science & spirituality coexisting. Consuming Ceremonial Grade Cacao can offer benefits that go beyond just the physical (See Benefits Here). I use cacao to support my own self-healing & exploration journey. With this, I was able to combine holistic modalities like yoga, breathwork, herbal medicine, & meditation to continuously develop an incredible relationship with myself. I personally feel more energized, warmhearted, focused, & continue to experience those "feel good hormones." Making my own cacao ceremonies alleviates my stress as well as allows me to tap into my own wisdom & creativity. By adding cacao ceremonies into my self-care rituals, it continues to create an easier space for self-reflection which leads me to my own growth, positivity, and happiness. 

After researching this incredible plant medicine & implementing it into my life, I realized this is the PERFECT elixir blend to share with others for its mental, physical, & spiritual support. THIS IS WHY I LOVE Ceremonial Grade Cacao—it connects my scientific & spiritual sides!

The adventure begins...

After establishing a personal connection with ceremonial cacao, I embarked on a journey to explore its various sources. Through thorough research, I forged a meaningful partnership with 2021 with Cacao Love, a UK-based company founded by Gavin and Diane. Our shared values, beliefs, and their commitment to transparency and support resonated with me. While we only ship within the US, we extend our collaboration to European customers through our partner, Cacao Love, which actively contributes to supporting indigenous families in Gabon, Africa, and the ebando nonprofit.

In February 2022, I had the privilege of visiting Guatemala, where I encountered the Theobroma Cacao tree for the first time, deepening my connection with Mother Earth. This heart medicine, aimed at restoring love and compassion in individuals and contributing to the Earth's restoration, holds profound significance in today's world.

Our distributor partnerships in Guatemala are with Cacao Source, founded by Dorothy, Jordon, and Laurence. Over the past two years, we have cultivated a strong relationship, participating in numerous ceremonies, visiting cacao farms, and connecting with enthusiasts worldwide. Our ongoing commitment involves maintaining a profound respect and relationship with the Mayan Elders and Farmers, seeking to learn more about the origins and the respectful use of cacao as a plant medicine.

The future for cacao in my eyes: PRESERVATION

Preservation involves maintaining the original or existing state of something. Encountering the cacao tree for the first time was a transformative experience. As I sat in the jungle, sipping this potent elixir, I could actually feel the pulsation of the earth. To me, pulsation is the sensation of vibrating in harmony with the Earth—the same way I breathe through my lungs, the same rhythm as my heartbeat, a profound awareness that Mother Earth is undeniably alive. This experience served as a gentle reminder that she is in need of healing and preservation.

During my time in Guatemala, I immersed myself in nature, absorbing wisdom from elders, connecting with women's cooperatives, engaging with locals, and sharing insights with fellow cacao enthusiasts. Cacao has become my conduit to reconnect with nature. Integrating this plant medicine into various aspects of my life has also introduced me to The Q'ero lineage. Walking the path of the Inca medicine wheel, I am committed to supporting the Earth's well-being as I continue on this journey.

Body Preservation:
🌿 Health and Wellness
Incorporate cacao into your lifestyle for its rich antioxidants and holistic benefits that support overall well-being.

🌱 Traditional Healing Practices
Explore the ancient healing properties of cacao as a plant medicine for a holistic approach to health.

🍫 Mindful Consumption
Make conscious choices by selecting high-quality, ethically sourced cacao products for a positive impact on your body and the environment.

Community Preservation:

🤝 Building Human Connection
Recognize the importance of human connection and how sharing cacao can be a catalyst for community-building, fostering bonds that go beyond the cup.
🌎 Empowering Local Communities
Support fair trade practices to ensure that the benefits of cacao cultivation empower and uplift local communities.

🌍 Cultural Preservation
Engage with and honor local traditions, preserving cultural heritage associated with cacao for future generations.

📚 Educational Initiatives
Implement programs that educate communities on sustainable farming, environmental stewardship, and ethical business practices.

Land Preservation:

🌳 Sustainable Agriculture
Encourage and practice sustainable farming methods to maintain soil health and prevent environmental degradation.

🌿 Biodiversity Conservation
Preserve the natural habitat of cacao trees to support biodiversity and create a balanced ecosystem.

🌱 Agroforestry Practices
Introduce agroforestry techniques, such as planting cacao alongside other crops and trees, for ecological harmony and prevention of deforestation.

🌍 Responsible Sourcing
Choose cacao from sources prioritizing environmental sustainability and ethical land use practices for a preserved and thriving planet.

Join us on this journey of holistic preservation—nurturing your body, empowering communities, and preserving the Earth through the essence of cacao. Our events donate to our Non Profit Partnership with GiveBackToThe Source.

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