Chynna Dee


My name is Chynna Dee. I am a Holistic Nurse, Yoga Practitioner, Bodyworker, Breathwork Facilitator, Energy worker, & Entrepreneur — who continues to live in a world fascinated by the interconnectedness of the human body, mind, & soul.  

I have worked alongside conventional medicine for six years as a Pediatric Oncology Nurse. During that time I experienced the stress of being a medical professional. Practicing yoga helped me jumpstart the balance during college & into my career path. So after my second year as a nurse, I decided to share my love of yoga & open my own Yoga Studio. Throughout my life I have used holistic modalities to work on my own health care. I have seen the impact not only on myself, but in support to others who are searching for something "else." I realized there was SO much more than what conventional medicine had to offer. This sparked my interest & journey in learning how both can exist side-by-side. I turned to Holistic Nursing School & in 2021 I left bedside nursing. Little did I know a brand new journey was waiting for me!

My Cacao Journey

During my travels, I came across a frothy drink offered by a friend while doing a card reading. The drink was powerful, grounding, robust & had a palpable feeling that went straight to my heart in a very exciting & gentle way. I asked my friend about these new sensations & was introduced to my first cup of Ceremonial Grade Cacao. That night was filled with laughter, tears & more importantly the willingness to be my true authentic self.

The botanical name “Theobroma Cacao” represents the acquiescence of science & spirituality coexisting. Consuming Ceremonial Grade Cacao can offer benefits that go beyond just the physical (See Benefits Here). I use cacao to support my own self-healing & exploration journey. With this, I was able to combine holistic modalities like yoga, breathwork, herbal medicine, & meditation to continuously develop an incredible relationship with myself. I personally feel more energized, warmhearted, focused, & continue to experience those "feel good hormones." Making my own cacao ceremonies alleviates my stress as well as allows me to tap into my own wisdom & creativity. By adding cacao ceremonies into my self-care rituals, it continues to create an easier space for self-reflection which leads me to my own growth, positivity, and happiness. 

After researching this incredible plant medicine & implementing it into my life, I realized this is the PERFECT elixir blend to share with others for its mental, physical, & spiritual support. THIS IS WHY I LOVE Ceremonial Grade Cacao—it connects my scientific & spiritual sides!

I will continue my exploring to learn more about this powerful plant medicine - follow @sagecacao on Instagram because I will venture to all the cacao farms starting 2022 and finding our favorite ones!

The adventure begins...

After building a relationship of my own with ceremonial cacao I was ready to deepen my curiosity by finding the different sources of cacao. I researched and built a wonderful relationship with a company Cacao Love based in the UK , founders Gavin & Diane. We have similar values, beliefs & they are greatly transparent and supportive. Through consent and permission together we hope to go in 2023 together to see the Peruvian Farms Collective to give you more transparency on where the Peruvian Cacao comes from! Cacao Love supports the indigenous families in Gabon, Africa. Partnering with them supports the ebando nonprofit here.

Luckily this year in 2022 I visited Guatemala. The company we partner with is called Cacao Source based in Guatemala, Founders Dorothy, Jordan and Lawrance . Although this Cacao is not available on our website, we offer it during our in person Cacao Ceremonies in New York (See events here) We will be launching the Guatemala line next year on our 1 year anniversary 2023. For now you can only purchase this in person as we ask our community which strand they love the most. Our partnership has flourished with Cacao Source and I will share the video below to share my experience ! Part of the programs Sage Cacao will be participating is GIVING BACK TO THE SOURCE.

The future for cacao in my eyes: PRESERVATIONS

To preserve means maintaining its original or existing state. This year meeting the cacao tree for the first time was life changing. As I sat in the jungle drinking this powerful medicine, I actually felt the pulsation of the earth. What is pulsation by my definition? A sensation of vibrating the same way earth does. The way I breath through my lungs, my heart, all the same noticing mother earth too — is alive. It sent a gentle reminder that she is in need of healing & preserving.. In Guatemala, I spent time with nature, learned history with wisdom elders, women's cooperatives, locals, and other cacao enthusiasts.

 I went home and fully integrated this incredible experience. Moving forward and seeing the importance of regenerating the earth, I have now entered into Soil School with Elaine Ingham because it sparked the interest in being the root cause of allLearn more. Sage Cacao is dedicated to preserving not only ceremonial cacao but the earth herself. See next event

Right now, how we are getting involved:  the first project we are supporting, Cacao Source, is to build an Eco Artisan Women Center in Chicacao, Guatemala. Our events will give back to this project. Donate Here

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