What Is Ceremonial Grade Cacao?

Beans from Native Trees | Hand-Processed | Sacred Intention

Beans from Native Trees

Ceremonial Grade Cacao originated in South America, making its way throughout Central America over the course of  thousands of years. During that time, roaming and settled Indigenous peoples intermingled and transmitted different species to create the Theobroma Cacao that we know today. The communal, medicinal experience of its heart opening and softening effects, and the tradition of harvesting and processing Theobroma Cacao has been kept alive all this time by Indigenous families residing throughout Central America. Though the sacred nature of cacao has become overshadowed by the massive modern chocolate industry, Sage Cacao and cacao facilitators around the world are dedicated to bringing awareness to the original purposes and processes of this sacred plant medicine.

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The processing of Ceremonial Grade Cacao is something plainly different than that of candy—handmade and overseen by farmers ever-careful of the long legacy they have inherited. The diligence of their continued tradition has maintained the nutritious value of the soil as well as the pods which grow from it, and for this reason, the purest cacao in the world has always had its home in South America. 

Sage Cacao offers Ceremonial Grade Cacao in paste form. Nothing is added & nothing is removed: the bean’s fat remains intact, helping to balance its stimulating properties and facilitate nutrient absorption over a longer period of time. This creates the delicious creaminess of our beautiful cacao without the need for any added milks or dairy products.

Sacred Intention

There are conscious intentions behind the creation of Ceremonial Grade Cacao: the earth's ecosystem, the farmers, the process, and the end result of cacao are treated with compassion, love, respect, and reverence. This intent continues from the tree into your cup.