Sage Cacao Source

Peru Farm

The Peruvian co-operative was founded in 1998 to preserve traditional methods of harvesting, working with small farmers to cultivate, process and market their products in accordance with the Soil Association’s organic standard. Their four founding principles are:

1) Quality over quantity

2) Supporting Andean mega-biodiversity, not homogenisation

3) Promoting organic methods of production

4) Fair income distribution amongst the people participating as suppliers, transformers and traders

5) Social responsibility, following the principles of Fair Trade

The co-op works alongside the small farmers, generating employment for the local community and offering training and financial support to encourage indigenous entrepreneurship, thus raising the living standards of small farmers and sustainably increasing crop yields.

Sage Cacao believes it is important to show respect and the utmost gratitude for those who are guardians of this plant and acknowledge the spirit of this medicine.

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